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25 Unique Gifts for Men

Unique Gift Ideas for Men

Looking for unique gift ideas for men is no easy task. Apart from all the typical gifts for guys like watches, wallets, belts, every guy would occasionally like to receive a unique gift, something unusual, something quirky and fun.

Well, we’ve taken the hard work out of finding unique gifts for men and came up with 25 unique gifts ideas that will put a genuine smile on any man’s face. Check out the following ideas, and see if you can find a perfect match.

An up-to-date idea for your man is the Max Real Carbon Fibre bifold wallet in black. The micro fibres are atom thin and come in aerospace grade carbon with an edgy tough look. Who needs leather when you can source this unique gift for guys?

Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass

uncommon gifts for men

The Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass, modelled after an A2 AR-15 Flash Hider. The hard coat anodized aluminum is built for durability – important while downing shots on a big night of fun and games with friends.

Beer Cap Maps

unique gifts for him
Beer caps are important mementos for men who like to mark every occasion with a cold beer. This creative Beer Cap USA Map is an excellent unique gift for men who love their beers! It’s easy to hang, helps your man keep those memories intact, holds over 100 beer caps and a great conversation starter piece for the home. A great gift for some real man art!

Looking for cool gifts for dads? From gifts for handy dads, dads who love the outdoors or dads who just love their beers we have got them all. Check out our top cool gifts for dads today!

AK-47 Magazine Bullet Ice Cube Tray

unusual gifts for guys
What man can resist a AK-47 Magazine Bullet Ice Cube Tray? Get your man this cool magazine bullet ice cube tray. This interesting ice cube tray brings an unexpected twist to any outdoor guy’s party and loads of fun with an ice cold beer!

Redneck Plunger

Every house-proud man needs a Redneck Plunger for unexpected blockages that can back up a perfectly good pipe. For the discerning man, the Redneck Plunger plunges and also makes shotgun sounds and stands upright just like a normal plunger! A unique gift idea for a practical guy.

Man Up! 367 Classic Skills Book

You know your guy is perfect, but Man Up! 367 Classic Skills for the Modern Guy Book, is the perfect gift for any modern man. The author and his team tackle 367 tough questions, with short and to-the-point answers. From career to relationships, grooming and more. What are you waiting for? Get this very gift for you guy to Man up today!

The Manual to Manhood Book

Another good Book is The Manual to Manhood: How to Cook the Perfect Steak, Change a Tire, Impress a Girl & 97 Other Skills You Need to Survive by Jonathan Catherman. This author offers 100 step-by-step instructions on almost everything a man needs to know. The great gift for men who want to be real gentlemen and uncommon these days. You will probably see him helping around the home more once he finishes the book! No more excuses for no knowing how to get things fixed!

Shaving Template for Goatees

unusual gifts for men

Your beard wearer is probably desperate for a Shaving Template for Goatees – a template designed to shape and maintain a perfect goatee. Have fun shaving boys!

Duo Pinball for Ipad

Another unique gift for men who love some good old paintball fun is the Duo Pinball gadget for Ipads. Duo Pinball connects wirelessly with Bluetooth to unlock five free Pinball HD Collection tables: Wild West, The Deep, Snow, DaVinci or Jungle Style and more! Get your man ready for some pinball action.

Foosball for Ipad


The Classic Match Foosball is totally realistic, the foosball action is combined with a sensational game and crowd sounds. There’s a 3D instant replay of every goal to recap every game. Consider the foosball table for Ipad today! Great gift idea for man, who love their foosball and can be enjoyed with any friend, anytime and on the go! Just some plain good fun!

Six Pack Beer Soap

Want to win a heart? Try beer soap, a dream come true for men who love beer. The soap six pack contains all varieties of amazing soap made with real craft beer! This unique gift for men comes packed with orange peel, crushed oats and real hops, the scent is spicy and fruity. Rich in vitamins and minerals, perfect for your man!

Real Beer Shampoo Bar

Keep the theme going with the Real Beer Shampoo Bar from Tasmania, Australia for extra-special grooming. This creative shampoo bar comes with nourishing plant oils and butters, it keeps the hair and scalp healthy. Made with 100% Natural Organic Leatherwood Honey and Beeswax, any man will smell absolutely gorgeous.

KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender


The KRUPS and HEINEKEN B100 BeerTender with Heineken Draught Keg Technology in black, is a sophisticated way for your man to keep the beer flowing at any party or event. Maintaining an ideal temperature of 37.4 degrees, it’s also quiet and efficient. The consistent cooling keeps beer fresh for 30 days after tapping. How can he, or you for that matter, resist?

Pro Chip Island Golf 18th hole

uncommon gift for men
The Pro Chip Island Golf 18th hole for the pool is the most creative gift for men who love their golf. The portable floating practice target is serious golfing fun. Comes with a twist-and-fold floating green, includes a floating golf target, 12 golf balls, chipping pad and a moveable 18th hole flag. A hole in one gift for any guy who’s into his golf.

Marshall Fridge

A Marshall Fridge has great retro style with original lettering on the door in silver. This compact curved fridge looks cool! A brilliant gift addition to any man cave. Convenient and stylish, and a unique gift for all guys, bring it on!

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

The very cute refillable Fire Extinguisher Lighter is original and fun, and he’ll surprise his friends when he lights up.

Zipshooter Ultra Portable Dolly System

The Zipshooter Ultra Portable Dolly System is perfect for the man who really cares about his photography. Light and easy to carry, it lends stability to any important shot.

Floating Beverage Cooler

The floating beverage cooler is every man’s vacation dream. This cooler brings the party into the pool and holds up to 40 cans. A day on the water is perfect for the stressed-out guy in your life. Includes tethers, cup holders and matching tray. Nothing’s getting away from this baby.

GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable


Nothing beats being in the outdoor pool and a good game of beer pong with friends. Get the GoPong Pool Lounge Beer Pong Inflatable and your man is sure to go nuts over this cool gift! The Floating Beer Pong Table comes with a 10 Cup Beer Pong on Each Side. Just watch the joy he has when he get it in every time!

GLOWPONG Glowing Game Set


When things get frisky, it’s time to take it into the night. The GLOWPONG Glowing Game Set is a Glow-in-the-Dark Beer Pong game, is the perfect gift for men who love something uncommon and fun! No lights needed and every shot glows – they’ll love it.

E-Go Electronic Skateboard (Lightest)


The new electronic skateboard looks awesome, has real cred, and is remotely operated. The best fun he can have while standing up. Designed by aviation experts, the thrill is in the ride! Give it to him for an unmatched surprise factor.

Extinguisher Waterbottle

A Red and White Thirst Extinguisher Waterbottle is great for the guy who’s into sports and needs to hydrate fast. In eye-catching red, he’ll always be able to find it, and his friends will love it. Truly a creative gift for men who love hydrating on the go!

Blue Hanging Rope Chair

Is your man just too stressed out with work? Cut him some slack and  get him the Blue Hanging Rope Chair – at 265 pounds it can hang just about anywhere! All he needs now is a good tree!

Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

Your man will really appreciate a JOCO Glass Reusable Coffee Cup, a take-anywhere on-the-go coffee solution. In sizes up to 450ml, made from Borosilicate Glass, they are supplied with a thermal silicon sleeve and an anti-splash ergonomic silicone lid.

Clinically Fit Hand Exerciser

The Clinically Fit Hand Exerciser is a real unique gift for men, designed to promote hand strength – the secret weapon for a firm handshake or a strong golf grip. After a few days of use, he’ll notice the difference. Portable, he can use it anywhere to prep for all sports action. A win every time!

We hope that you have found something useful from our list of unusual, uncommon and unique gifts for men here.

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