The 3 Best Second Anniversary Gifts to Buy in 2019

Viking Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor

If your hubby loves to shave with a razor blade versus an electric razor, then he’ll love this razor. The Viking Blade has an old school vibe yet it is modern in its built. Branded the Chieftain Razor, it is made with a premium Swedish blade and comes with five coated blades so it is built to last and offer a clean shave. It also comes in a leatherette and suede box which makes it much more gift-worthy than your typical drugstore razor.

Brass Love Object

Sometimes the smallest gestures have huge meanings. This brass object that writes out the word “love’ is a sweet gift to give to your wife or husband on your second anniversary. This object can work on the desk as a paperweight, as a stylish door top or simply as an art piece that sits on a bookshelf or tabletop. If you are going on a trip or planning an elaborate night out for your second anniversary, this piece is the perfect add-on to a larger gift.

Personalized Flat Stationery Set

Perhaps all of the personalized stationary was used up after the thank- you cards went out post-wedding. If looking for a personalized gift for your partner, these monogrammed notecards make a lovely second-anniversary gift. The noted card is still popular and a great way for your partner to send out reminders or thank you notes in an elegant manner. You can choose from 40 colors when customizing the name which will appear on the top part of the card. These cards are perfect for gift for everyday use and are a wonderful option for the person who already has it all.

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