25 Best Kids Teepee Tents

05Pretty much every kid dreams about having their very own teepee tents.

After all, it’s the perfect place to role play, throw a pretend party or have some quiet time.

Here’s the low-down on 11 of the most adorable and the best kids teepee tents on the market.

Kids Teepee Tent Campervan Blue

01. VW Campervan Blue Kids Play Tent - The Monster Factory

This uber-cool kids teepee tent is a mini-version of the VW Van that the 1960s made famous. Requiring no pegs whatsoever, it’s easy to pop-up and provides ample space for three children.

It’s the brainchild of the Monster Factory, an award-winning outdoor company who pride themselves on creating products with a twist. Other items in the range include wash bags in the shape of London buses, spaghetti fridge magnets and VW deck chairs!

Girl’s Pink Princess Castle Play Tent


Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle Teepee Tent


Disney Frozen Classic Hideaway Kids Teepee Tent


Kids Teepee Tent Flower Fairy

02. Flower Fairy Teepee

This heart-meltingly cute kids teepee tent features an elegant design and is the perfect hiding place for busy fairies. The 110 square centimetre base provides room for magical tea parties and craft activities.

It comes from UK company, Myweeteepee, which specialises in bespoke, hand finished teepees that aim to make play beautiful. Their products are constructed from strong, durable 100% cotton canvas, embellished with delicate applique designs. Shipping to Sweden, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Italy, Australia and New Zealand is available.

Jungle Jungle Safari Kids Teepee Tent

03. Jungle Jungle Safari Teepee

Do you have a mini-Indiana Jones in your life? Here’s the Myweeteepee for him or her. The exterior boasts gorgeous stencilled designs featuring monkeys and elephants, while inside, there’s a deliciously soft, comfortable mat.

Kids Teepee Tent – Cosy Sleepover Club

04. cosy sleepover teepee club

If you love hosting sleepovers, but aren’t so keen on re-shuffling beds and moving furniture, here’s your solution. This collection, also from Myweeteepees, is made with girls in mind, so it’s all pastel pink shades, florals and hearts.

Princess Castle Kids Teepee Tent

05. Princess Castle Teepee
This comes complete with pink flags and a window, helping any princess-obsessed little girl to live out her dreams. You can personalise a Myweeteepee Princess Castle Kids Teepee Tent by ordering your very own bespoke version.

Kids Teepee Tent Tea Party

06. Teepee tea party
This one isn’t so much for your kids as it is for their favourite dolls. It’s a teeny-tiny teepee from Myweeteepees designed for a miniature tea party! You can fold it up into a small parcel and take it with you anywhere.

Sailing Boat Kids Teepee Tent

07. Sailing boat teepee
Give your little ones the chance to sail the high seas and meet pirates without leaving the comfort of your lounge room. This kids teepee tent is made by Myweeteepees, it’s decorated with stunning, hand-appliqued sea-themed designs.

Kids Teepee Tents and Swing

08. Teepee & Swing
This little package is about as much fun as it gets. Kids can hide in their handmade, fade-proof canvas, 1.6m teepee or hang outside on their swing. It’s suitable for children aged between 6 months and 8 year.

This kids teepee tent and Swing comes from Queensland-based company Swingz ‘n’ Thingz, who’ve been keeping Aussie kids happy with Australian-made swings and related paraphernalia since 1993. They stock a broad variety of equipment and playthings, including funky rockers for newborns, rope ladders and, for big people, a range of adult-sized hanging chairs and hammocks.

Candy Stripe Kids Teepee Tent

09. Teepee Candy Stripe
Another fun product from Swingz and Thingz, this teepee is made from bright candy stripe canvas (also available in black and tan or natural) and put together with hardwood dowel. It’s weatherproof and made to last.

Bear Wonder Kids Teepee Tent

10. Bear Wonder Tent
This A Frame tent is made of blonde American maple and organic cotton canvas, illustrated by Mexican artist Bryan Gallardo. Entertain kids without compromising your interior design scheme!

The Bear Wonder is a unique creation from Etsy, an online store where designers from all over the world sell their products directly. Whether you’re after jewellery, ceramics, furniture, artwork or clothing, you’ll find it.

HippieTipi Sunset Red Kids Teepee Tent

11. HippieTipi Play Tent Sunset Red11. HippieTipi Play Tent Sunset Red
This kids teepee tent features a simple yet striking design, which, as the name suggests, provokes sunset colours and patterns. It’s made of super high quality cotton canvas from Ecotex. Dimensions are 135 x 135 x 150cm.

You can buy it from UK-based company Skandivis, which offers a heavily Scandinavian influenced range of products. The focus is on efficient functionality and style. Skandivis covers pretty much every area of home living, from bedroom and bathroom to kids and the kitchen.

12 Amazing Kids Teeppee Tents to consider

Now it’s just a matter of choosing the right teepee for your kids! Whether you go for a charming floral one or an adventure-themed tent, you’ll be sure to be introducing them to a whole new world of imaginative play and relaxation.

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