Best Birthday Gifts to Buy Your Friend in 2019

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up and that means you need to start hunting for a gift that perfectly fits their personality. Luckily, there’s no need to stress because the internet is abounding with great birthday gifts for every kind of friend in your life. Here, find the best birthday gifts to give your friend.


Some people might be tempted to give sentimental gifts to their besties, but you know what yours really wants: about 30 different kinds of junk food shipped right to their door. Luckily, Cravebox has you covered. Their Classic Care Package comes with all kinds of favorites, including Airheads, Oreos, Fun Dip, Goldfish and Cheez-Its. The snacks run the gamut from sweet to salty and from slightly wholesome to sugar-bomb. But one thing all of these snacks have in common is that they’re recognizable brands your best friend will love.

Barbaza Marble Cheese Board

If your friend is the type to always have guests, make sure they do it in style. This marble cheese board is a stunning centerpiece that will liven up their next get-together. Every board is handcrafted, so there’s some slight variation in the appearance of each one that makes it one-of-a-kind. The beautiful board has four overlapping marbled triangles surrounded by white with a copper line through the center. If you’re a really good friend, you’ll get them the board and more.

Never Have I Ever Game

You might think you already know all there is to know about your best friend, but everyone’s got a few secrets, surprises and silly stories hidden up their sleeve. With 358 “Never Have I Ever” questions and 82 “Truth-or-Dare” activities, this game is sure to add a few more facts about your best friend’s life to your already extensive library of knowledge about them. Plus, you’re bound to have a great time playing together.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Whether you live 500 miles away from your best friend or sometimes just feel like you do because you’re both so busy, this gift is sure to light up both of your lives. Buy a set of these friendship lamps, gift one to your bestie, add power and Wi-Fi and you’ve instantly got a friendship hotline that never closes. Whenever you’re thinking of your friend, put your hand on your lamp long enough for it to change colors. No matter how far away your best friend lives, their lamp will change color, too, to let them know you’re thinking of them.

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